Social Media Risk of Not Investing 3: Who do you think you are?

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The relationship between people and technology is complex. When a new technology is introduced, especially one that changes how things are done, naysayers look at the early adopters with disdain. They vow never to do things that way. Until they eventually do.

Social Media is no exception. Your reasons for not having a Social Media presence for your business may seem totally reasonable to you, but will your clients think they’re reasonable too?

Customer Relationships on Social Media

As consumers become more accustomed to talking to their favourite brands via Social Media, your absence will not only be noticed, but risks becoming a source of irritation or even ridicule. If they can speak to your competitor with ease, why have you made it difficult for them? If all your clients use telephones, you wouldn’t simply ignore that and not provide a contact number for them to call you on.

Eventually, your customers may start wondering why, unlike most other companies, your company is not willing to talk to them on Social Media: maybe you have something to hide; maybe you’re just unfriendly; or maybe you’re just too big or too busy for Social Media. And then, with your business in mind, they may just ask “…but, who do they think they are?”.

Today, as they always have, consumers would like to connect with businesses.
Your Social presence is an opportunity to build and strengthen their connection to your brand in a way that nearly no other medium can.

Social Media is a way for you to show them who you are.

Use it.

> Engage, Grow, Repeat >