Social Media Risk of Not Investing 2: Out of Mind

/Originally posted on Medium

The old adage goes: “out of sight, out of mind”. In our age of social media, this couldn’t be more true.

If your past, current or future clients are using social media, they’re certainly seeing a lot of brands online. These brands are entering and claiming a spot in the minds of your client. By avoiding social media for your brand, you’re simply not fighting for a spot in your client’s mind.

If you’re not visible, you can’t be memorable!

Ask yourself the following:
  1. Would you really pass up any other opportunity to make an impression on your potential future client?
  2. Can you afford to not let your clients think about you?
  3. Would you really not like a chance for new prospects to think about you?
  4. In a room filled with your new and existing clients, given the chance to get into their minds, would you shy away?
  5. Are you prepared to simply stand by and watch your competitors entrench a spot in the minds of your potential client?

You probably answered no to all of the above questions. Along with every other successful business or brand owner, you realise the value of working for mind share. Depending on your industry, you could be competing against dozens, hundreds or thousands of other businesses.

Positioning your company or brand in the mind of your customer should be an active process.

Be visible.

> Engage, Grow, Repeat >