The Best Time To Post on Social Media in 2020

A Google search for “the best time to post on Social Media” will bring up thousands of results. But things quickly get a bit confusing when you start reading those results. There are rarely any clear answers and the answers that seem viable are all dependent on one important thing – context.

The best time to post really does vary from company to company and depends on many factors. What matters most is understanding when it’s a good time for your audience. But, like many other optimisations, there is a great danger in becoming too pre-occupied with the perfect time to post. Optimisation obsession may prevent you from actually starting at all.

The first week of 2020 is already behind us. If you haven’t started posting regularly, get started. If you haven’t been able to make meaningful improvements in content quality, start improving now.

The truth: The best time to post on Social Media is NOW.

If there’s one variable regularly touted as the key to high Social Media engagement it’s posting time. While it’s important to consider the time that you post, it’s more important to actually start posting quality content, regularly.

The best time to post is now. Hesitation will cost you more in the long run.


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